Who We Are

Who We Are

100% Canadian and privately owned, RBW Waste Management Ltd. offers a wide variety of waste management options to industries across Western Canada and the Territories.

We specialize in the safe and effective management of a wide variety of contaminants and waste streams found at commercial, industrial and oilfield sites.  An astonishing 7 million tones of hazardous waste is produced in Canada each year. Today, finding an environmentally responsible way of managing this waste has become a top priority.

RBW Waste Management Ltd. is taking an active role in the solution by ensuring that waste generators are educated about the nature of the waste materials they produce, and that hazardous wastes are properly collected, transported, handled and treated.  We ensure wastes are recycled where possible and that recycling, treatment and disposal activities take place in an environmentally responsible setting.


RBW History

RBW Waste Management Ltd. was formed in 1992 as a logical progression for R.B. Williams Industrial Supply, when it became clear to management that there was need for customers to be able to recycle the hazardous waste left behind. Our hazardous recyclable and industrial waste processing facility has been in operation ever since.