Environmental Mandate

Environmental Mandate

Reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill is the ultimate objective of our waste management practices and we are proud of our accomplishments in this area. 


We reduce, reuse and recycle waste produced by numerous industries by employing the following processes:

  • Using waste processing methods designed to treat solid wastes to recover entrained hydrocarbons for reuse in fuel blending operations

  • Seeking out recycling and reuse options for those materials we receive that cannot be recycled at our facility

  • All vendors are subject to a rigorous Vendor Approval Process

  • All drums and bins are designed to contain wastes at customer locations in a manner that prevents waste materials and leachate from contaminating the surrounding soil

  • We sort and segregate the waste streams we receive, recycling the materials we can, and preparing other recyclable or reusable materials for shipment to appropriate third parties

  • All waste is stored inside a covered building with numerous environmental protection features in place