Pyrophoric Filters

Acceptable Waste

Unacceptable Waste

  • Spontaneously combustible solids - self heating filters

  • Free liquids or containers of liquids

  • Granular solids (floor dry, contaminated soil, activated carbon, sulphur, desiccant)

  • Explosives

  • Oxidizers

  • Pressurized Containers

  • Batteries

  • Radioactive materials (NORM)

  • Pigging Waste/Wax, ceramic saddles, raschig rings

2.3m³ CB Bin



78.5”x 54”x 47”




  • Containment of pyrophoric, filter waste (self heating)

  • 2.3 m3heavy duty steel bin

  • Lockable, and hinged lid

  • Rubber gasket for an airtight seal

  • Forklift compatible design

  • Heavy poly liner (for secondary containment)